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February 10, 2024

We have conducted our first-ever Biodiversity Workshops last February 10, 2024 at Municipal Plaza Grounds, in Barangay Buenavista. Around 100 children, parents, friends and families gather to participate in group workshops which were held from 9 am to 5pm. Children had fun creating their own Biodiversity journal to take home. Parents have also enjoyed learning about local biodiversity, and at the same time, helping their young children designing the journal.

 The day was also filled with fun activities because of the different game stations prepared by the youth volunteers parallel to the workshop. They enjoyed playing Bottle Bowling, Hop-Hop on Animal Footprints, Ball Toss, Draw-Me and Ball Jumps.

This was a unique experience for the children in the community as educational workshops which is open for all children was the first in our town. Normally only children who have good-standing in school participate in academic workshops for competition purposes or those children who come from well-off families are participating in educational workshops in big cities because they can afford it. Communities do have their fiesta or festive activities celebrating their founding anniversaries, religious or cultural events. However, majority of programs in these community festivities  often have limited participation of children and usually do not involve educational activities . Most children, especially those who cannot sing, dance and join beauty contest, and those who are from poor families cannot or not allowed participate.

It was indeed a fruitful and fun day for both parents, children and volunteers.

 Below are some of the pictures taken on that day:

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