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school supplie drive for school year 2023

Sablayanihan Volunteers are currently accepting school supplies that will be distributed to  children affected by extensive flooding and typhoons in the municipality of Sablayan.

Please contact us for more information. Volunteers can also pick up the school supplies donation.

We thank you in advance for your attention and consideration.

***Please check the ARCHIVES  on the upper right section of the page to learn more about our past activities***

help for families affected by widespread flooding

July 22 , 2021

Last week, heavy monsoon rains inundated several communities in Sablayan. Many families were forced to leave their homes and livelihood for their safety.
We are collecting donations -whether in-kind or monetary to provide assistance to the flood evacuees especially the indigent families who are staying in temporary shelter and evacuation centers. 
Please click the dates to see the communities we visited.

helping families after house fire

April 7, 2021

Seven families rendered homeless in a fire mishap in Brgy. Buenavista last April 5. The fire has engulfed the houses fast, left them gutted and their belongings reduced to ashes. They were not able to save anything except the clothes they were wearing. They lost all their belongings, houses, and livelihood.

Although the affected families are temporarily staying with friends and relatives, they still need immediate support. They need clothing, food , utensils,non-perishable goods and building materials. Financial assistance can also help them  restore livelihood to maintain the family.

We are reaching out to you to ask for support.

save san agustin trees campaign

Instead of planting a tree, let us save first our existing forests and trees!

We are not saying that planting tree is bad. Of all actions that we can take to help regulate the global climate, planting trees is the easiest and most fulfilling for communities. However, studies shown that older trees such as those found in San Agustin have greater potential to store carbon than young or newly-planted forests. They actively covert CO2 in the air into their trunks, branches and leaves. Hence, they can be our best partners not only in climate mitigation but also in protecting our biodiversity, our nature, indigenous people around the area and the municipality’s eco-tourism.

We encourage everyone to join the campaign to protect the remaining acacia trees in Brgy. San Agustin.

Every signature counts!

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